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Ledger nano s (Hardware) (RECOMMEND)
Stellar Desktop Client (Desktop/web wallets )
Blockchain Wallet (Desktop/web wallets )
Atomic Wallet (Desktop/web wallets )

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What Is Stellar?

Stellar advertises itself as an open-sourced, distributed payments infrastructure, built on the premise that the international community needs “a worldwide financial network open to anyone.” The project is filling this need, connecting individuals, institutions, and payment systems through its platform.

Multi-Currency Transactions

As we previously noted, Stellar allows you to freely send money across borders without the hassle of formal banking procedures or currency exchange.

In order to accomplish this, the network does one of three things when you request a currency transfer:

Stellar Faucet converts the funds with a previous offer on its order book and automatically facilitates the exchange.
Stellar uses Lumens (XLM), its coin, as an intermediary for the exchange. It converts the funds from currency A into Lumens on the global marketplace, and then it takes those Lumens and converts them to currency B for the user receiving these funds.
If there are no trading pairs in the exchange for the two currencies, Stellar searches for offers on the network that will lead to a chain conversion into the desired currency (e.g., USD to EUR, EUR to GBP, BGP to AUD, AUD to JPY).

This multi-currency exchange process is pretty ingenious, and it offers users a flexible approach to easily swap currencies on an international scale.

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Stellar Faucet (the non-profit and network) and Lumens (the cryptocurrency) main selling points are:

The Stellar network is an open source, distributed, and community owned network used to facilitate cross-asset transfers of value. It doesn’t handle all software types like Ethereum, but it is one of the only other choices for ICOs aside from Ethereum (but not the only other choice).
Like Ripple, Stellar can handle exchanges between fiat-based currencies and between cryptocurrencies.
Lumens have low fees (each transaction has a minor fee—0.00001 lumens—associated with it).
The Stellar network, and thus Lumens and any other asset using the Lumen network, has fast transaction speeds that rival Ripple., the organization that supports Stellar, is centralized like Ripple and meant to handle cross platform transactions and micro transactions like Ripple. However, unlike Ripple, is non-profit and their platform itself is open source and decentralized. Thus, they have the perk of feeling a bit more like a traditional company who can network with other companies on one hand, but have the open source, distributed, and community owned vibe that Ethereum and Bitcoin have on the other. Some might see this has “the best of both worlds.” Major companies thus far, to the extent that they embraced any cryptocurrency, have generally embraced Ripple and Stellar. See: IBM and Stellar Are Launching Blockchain Banking Across Multiple Countries.

In general then, Stellar and its Lumens are competitive with other cryptos on many levels, but are in direct competition with Ethereum for ICOs and Ripple for being a digital partner for banks and businesses.

This makes Lumens (XLM) a cryptocurrency to watch out for moving forward. Keep in mind though, its low price relative to other cryptocurrencies speaks at least in part not to it being underrated, but to its high supply.

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